Does it Really Work

It should come as no surprise that 4 out of the 10 biggest health care concerns in America involve being overweight.  Heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer are all directly related to carrying around excess weight and millions of Americans are afflicted with these devastating diseases. 

So why can’t our society change these statistics around by trying to live a healthier lifestyle, eating healthier and exercising?  As with many things, it’s easier said than done, but maybe if you fully understand the repercussions and where you’re health and life is headed if you don’t change, you might be willing to start.  Heart disease remains the number one killer in America, killing more people each year than all the cancers combined. 

To reduce your risk of getting heart disease, you should reduce your sodium and fat intake, eat healthy and exercise.  Individuals who are overweight have a higher chance of getting heart disease, and although reducing your salt intake is an easy thing to do, losing weight takes more time and commitment than most people are willing to give. Out of all the cancers, lung cancer is responsible for the most deaths in the US, but women have a higher rate of breast and colorectal cancer.  Although the biggest cause of cancer is smoking, being overweight and eating unhealthy can also contribute to your chances of getting certain cancers as well. 

To reduce your risk, don’t smoke or quit smoking, wear sunscreen and eat healthier foods; especially more fruits and vegetables.  Stroke is the third leading cause of death for women and the fourth leading cause of death of men.  If you’re overweight, eat unhealthy and don’t exercise, you’re at a greater risk for having a stroke.  Type 2 Diabetes can lead to kidney disease, blindness and heart disease and once again, a major contributing factor is being overweight.  If you’re currently overweight and these statistics aren’t enough to make you want to change your unhealthy lifestyle, then consider the burden your declining health will place on your loved ones.  No one said losing weight would be easy, but if you’re committed to doing it, you will greatly reduce your chances of getting one of these terrible diseases; plus you’ll feel better and it will give those you care about peace of mind when you start making healthy changes in your life.  There are millions of weight loss products and programs on the market today, some unhealthy and some healthy so make sure you talk to your Doctor before starting any pill, supplement or program. 

Be careful in choosing any product or program that’s not recommended by a trusted physician, dietician or other health care provider.  An example of this is the recent recommendation of trusted and renowned Dr. Oz who endorsed Green Coffee Beans as a safe, natural and effective way to supplement a weight loss program.  You can lose weight and reduce your chances of being one of the many who suffer from heart disease, diabetes, stroke and other diseases that are related to being overweight. 

The first step is to make a promise to yourself that you will not be one of the statistics mentioned here; then plan a specific diet and exercise program that will work best for you, including goals and rewards along the way.  See if a family member or friend will go on the program with you as having a support system will increase your chances for success.  Don’t be too hard on yourself while on a weight loss program.  You will have good days and bad days, but the important thing is that you stick to it and realize that losing weight, maintaining weight and living a healthier lifestyle is a life-long commitment. 

Talk to your Doctor about which program, diet and exercise plan is right for you.  Then discuss what nutrients and additional supplements you may need or that will help you reach your weight loss goal.  You can lose weight and get healthy, just as millions of others have done.  Say goodbye to your unhealthy lifestyle and excess weight and hello to a brand new, healthy you!

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