Green Coffee Beans

Coffee is a beverage that is brewed using the seeds from the coffee plant which have been roasted to produce a strong flavor. Coffee is grown in over 70 countries in the world but most of it comes from South Asia, Latin America and Africa. It has also been ranked as one of the most traded agricultural products in the world with most countries economies relying heavily on coffee together with other export commodities as a foreign exchange earner. Coffee also remains the most consumed beverage in the world and has been proven to have a stimulating effect on human beings together with an addictive component.

Green coffee on the other hand is produced from coffee beans which have not undergone the roasting process, which leaves them with little taste when brewed or ground. However some traditional communities still use them to make coffee such as Arabic coffee. The main feature or benefit that has been attributed to green coffee is its weight loss capabilities. Wide research carried out shows that consumption of green coffee actually plays a role in weight loss. The underlying secret being thought but not yet confirmed to be the chlorogenic acid present in green coffee beans that reduces glucose absorption and blocks or inhibits absorption of fats thereby eliminating weight gain.

Studies have also shown that green coffee beans stimulate fat burning metabolism function over and above blocking the absorption of fats, this in turn plays a huge role in weight loss. Many researchers have advocated for exercise and healthy diets as the most safe and recommended weight loss strategies to use, green coffee beans on the diet deliver an incredible boost to this effect faster and with no side effects observed or reported. A study carried out on a group of 16 adults supplementing coffee beans for a period of 12 weeks resulted in 10% of overall body weight in each and up to 16% loss of body fat. This clearly showed that green coffee beans can be used in fighting diabetes, obesity and other weight related problems at large.

The beauty with green coffee beans as a fat burner is that it does not have the strong flavour characterised by roasted coffee and does not act as a stimulant but instead also acts to lower blood pressure. On the flip side, green coffee beans are very bitter and it is wise to take them in capsule form which can be bought online. Two capsules should be taken a maximum of three times a day and 30 minutes before meals with about one full glass of water.

Over and above the weight loss capabilities of the green coffee bean, its natural compounds also acts as an antioxidant to harmful oxygen damage. Excess blood sugars are regulated and glucose intake reduced therefore ensuring that the accumulated body fats do not become toxic and the fat metabolism mechanism and insulin hormone are not overworked. Other supplements used in fat burning are not as consistent as green coffee beans and do not eliminate the accumulation of toxins properly and in good time thereby unable to slow down the aging process as well as green coffee beans do.

People looking for where to buy green coffee beans can get a lot of information over the internet. Green coffee beans are widely available online in places like Amazon, eBay, roast masters, genesis today among other online shops. A good thing about online shopping is that you can compare prices and make other considerations before settling on where to buy from. Online shopping also enables the customer to interact with other users of the product and see reviews, share tips and experiences thereby making a conscious and well informed decision. One can also get them from drug stores over the counter without a prescription.

In conclusion, green coffee is a great weight loss ingredient than any other supplements or diets that have been used or proposed over time. However, it should also be complemented by a healthy lifestyle and frequent exercise for best results. Some of the key benefits include but are not limited to the following:

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Recently featured on the Dr. Oz Show, Green Coffee Bean has helped thousands lose weight quickly, safely and naturally, without any side effects.  How?  The active compound in Green Coffee Bean called Chlorogenic Acid has demonstrated the ability to inhibit the release of glucose into the bloodstream, encouraging the body to find other sources for energy such as fat cells while increasing the body’s metabolism.  This in turn accelerates the body’s ability to lose weight, naturally.  With its recent popularity, consumers have a variety of options when choosing a Green Coffee Bean supplement, so how do you decide which one is right for you? 

Introducing Xtreme Green Coffee a highly advanced Green Coffee Bean supplement for maximum absorption and effectiveness.  We’ve formulated the power of Green Coffee into a powerful and easily digestible capsule, allowing the body to more readily absorb and utilize its fat burning capabilities.  Xtreme Green Coffee contains a highly potent green coffee that meets all the criteria recommended doctors and clinicians.

  • No fillers, binders, or other ingredients other than 100% Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract - Anything other than the recommended pure green coffee bean extract will dilute the potency of this supplement.  Many supplements include additional ingredients like acai, or african mango in their products.  Don't be fooled, the recommendation is pure green coffee.  Thats what was used in the clinical trials.  Thats what will give you the best results.  
  • Made in an FDA approved lab in the United States of America - Many supplements you see on the shelves come from questionable sources.  Often from unregulated overseas factories.  The end results is that you may end up with a supplement that at best is in effective, and at worse can cause serious harm.  Before purchasing any supplement, make sure its safe and from a reputable lab in the United States.
  • Provides the recommendated dosage of 800 mg per serving - Green coffee extract supplements are notorious for giving you the wrong dosage.  Make sure its the recommended 800 mg per serving so that you are getting the same full amount of active ingredients doctors and clinicians give their patients.
  • Contains Svetol Green Coffee Extract - Svetol is the trademarked brand of raw green coffee extract that was used in many of the credible clinical studies on weighloss effects of green coffee bean extract.  Why you want to make sure your bottle says Svetol on it is because it insures the highest level of quality and that your ingredient has the clinically tested amount of cholorogrenic acid (which is what makes green coffee effective).  Often products with Svetol on the label will cost a little more, but trust us when we say its worth it.

Xtreme Green Coffee meets each of these requirements which is why its our #1 top rated green coffee supplement.

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